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It’s cold in New York City but It will get hotter March 31, 2012 for most Bodybuilders.  March 31st is the spring opening for the Bev Francis shows in Tribecca, New York.  Shawn Robinson aka Shawn Biggs is going to compete at the Mets( Not the baseball game) Bodybuilding Mets. Shawn Robinson also known as Shawn Biggs has shown hard work and dedication over the years. Bodybuilding means everything to him and he refuses to back down from a challenge of being a winner.

This challenge goes way back to childhood when he was told that he was too small to play football and later in life not enough to be a bodybuilder.  His family is the driving force behind him and refuse to allow him to give up for any reason. I bet that coach who said “Shawn was too little to play football.”  regrets what he said to Shawn’s mother.  Shawn reports to his fans on Facebook and Twitter about his progress and the weeks leading to March 31st.  Please join me in watching this incredible massive human being climb his way to the top of the mountain.


Claudia Reid- The Art of Posing June 9th 2012 in Chelsea, New York

Claudia Reid’ Art of Posing Show on Jne 9th 2012 Go to www.reiditandweepeventpromotion.com


PODCASTER CLAUDIA REID’S The Art of Posing Show June 9th 2012 Tickets $10, $20, $30

Bodybuilder Christopher Mahon- Master of Posing Seminar “The Art of Posing Show”

2012 is a New Year for hopes and dreams for most.  My dream is make bodybuilding more fun than it already is.  Bodybuilding is an artistic beautiful range of motion of the body.   Watching a bodybuilding show is like watching a beautiful  Venus De Milo or a Michael Angelo move with such grace and emotion.  IFBB pro Hidetada Yamagishi is the perfect example of graceful motion. Hidetada  posing routine is made to show royalty and his movements with the perfect music makes the routine A+.  My inspiration to create something different is watching Hidetada.

I am creating a show based off of his routine of self- expression which made me call  top bodybuilders in the business to create a routine and show us how it’s done.  I am trying to gather supporters to finance this show  for June 9th 2012.  I contacted vendors such as East Coast Strong Clothing from Pennsylvania, Max Savin www.savinnutrtion.com , Big Rig Supplements Michaels Marciano and etc to join me in making this show happen.   Sponsored Athlete Bodybuilder Model and actor Christopher  Mahon will be the Masters of Seminar, He will be teaching  up and coming bodybuilders how to pose for future contest.  We have the CEO of the Iron Coalition Manny Kirby who has a show coming up  Iron Coalition 2 with Bob Bonham .  Manzo Powerlifting  will do there powerlifting  contest  with Supplement companies present handing out samples and etc at Bob Bonham’s gym in March 10th, 2012.) Manny will be Master of ceremonies at my show New York’s Art of Posing.   I am the first person to create an idea of just doing a show of posing routines and I hope that I will go down in history for the best show ever and the best idea.

The best posers get top prizes of cash and gifts, but there can only be one Top poser in New York. I am hoping to expand this show to television one day which will probably be called TOP POSER.  We are going to have men and women doing routines and we will have  Jackie Rose Massage and OM  with her team of Tai Chi  experts doing their performance on stage.  If you would like to pre-order your  tickets, go to the pay pal account: Tickets are $ 10.00 a seat until further notice ( time and price is subject to change) and the VIP front row behind the judges will be

$ 20.00 a seat.

More information will come in February