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It’s cold in New York City but It will get hotter March 31, 2012 for most Bodybuilders.  March 31st is the spring opening for the Bev Francis shows in Tribecca, New York.  Shawn Robinson aka Shawn Biggs is going to compete at the Mets( Not the baseball game) Bodybuilding Mets. Shawn Robinson also known as Shawn Biggs has shown hard work and dedication over the years. Bodybuilding means everything to him and he refuses to back down from a challenge of being a winner.

This challenge goes way back to childhood when he was told that he was too small to play football and later in life not enough to be a bodybuilder.  His family is the driving force behind him and refuse to allow him to give up for any reason. I bet that coach who said “Shawn was too little to play football.”  regrets what he said to Shawn’s mother.  Shawn reports to his fans on Facebook and Twitter about his progress and the weeks leading to March 31st.  Please join me in watching this incredible massive human being climb his way to the top of the mountain.


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