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Claudia Reid first to create bodybuilding show ” The Art of Posing in New York City”



Dear Bodybuilders, Figure, Physique and Bikini, 2012 is our time to shine and show our talents to the world. On June 10th, 2012 I am creating a show of artistic expression. What this means, I want to do an artistic showcase of posing routines by the athletes. Just to be …clear, This is not a bodybuilding contest where you would compete for a pro card nor will it count as a qualification for a championship. The IFBB, WBFF and other Leagues ARE no way near involved with this show financially in any form ( which includes gifts or help) In turn they will not receive monies from this show at all. This show is about artistic movement of the body with meaning and expression. The athlete has complete control over music and expression. There are a few rules of the show:   You can use any music, any routines, You won’t be judged on your body, just the artistic movement of your routine . The only restrictions is: * No stripping of the trunks or any clothing which leads to nudity ( MEN AND WOMEN)   A) music with racist slurs is absolutely not permitted B) No racist flags if you use flags in your routine. ( You can use flags, but not flags that would offend anyone)   C) If props are used: no weapons that promote violence.   Other than that it is all you. I have a film director coming to film the event and this show will be seen on Internet TV.
Tickets Sales are to be determined. For Example: $10-15 VIP Front Row: 20-25See More





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