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NY Claudia Reid WordPress Blogger: Q and A with Bodybuilder Christopher Hartley


1) Where did you compete on your last show?

I competed at the royal college of music theatre manchester,england.

2) What was the result of your last show?

I placed 2nd in the novice category of musclemania England.

3) Are things different for you after the result of your

Not as such the plan remains the same add some more muscle before the next
show and aim to be in top condition!!!

4) ) How many more years do have to get your pro card?

there isnt a set time scale on the pro card , a lot of top naturals reach
their peak mid 30s

5)What supplement company do you stand by and why?

..I use mainly nrg fuel products as they are great value for money and are
very good quality also!i use their pre workout drink,whey protein and
glutamine,also hmb and creatine

6) Do you find yourself more motivated and focused than last year
when we spoke?

This year has been an awkward one for personal reasons but i have managed to
train consistently and im motivated to come in a lot better than before to turn
2nd into 1st!!

7)What do you hope to achieve in 5 years?

I Want to be a well known fitness athlete who can be seen to be a good role
model for people taking up the sport,also like a few more trophys in the

8) How would you generate revenue for a sponsor?

i would generate revenue for a sponsor anyway possible from plugging them on
training wear,facebook site,anyway the sponsor saw fit for me to do

Have you gained more muscle since the last time we


.i believe i have gained muscle since last
time,time will tell with the finished article come showtime!

11) Name one word that defines you as an athlete?
word ( DETERMINED )!


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