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I feel that

Bodybuilders need someone who has the time and the passion to promote them. It

is hard for them to concentrate on rent, training, bills, 9-5 job and etc.

Bodybuilders that work a full time job  or two may not have the

privilege to answer there phone to accept a gig because jobs these days will not

allow it. Sometimes they may not have the time to mail there pictures or call

these companies for sponsorship, guest posing, photo shoot opportunities because

there busy lives does not allow them too. I feel that they need a strong voice

to negotiate payment or other deals which involves a solid contract whether its

long term or short term when they are offered an opportunity to represent a

product, doing shows or exposure for companies.  I believe that I

am valuable on that level to promote the bodybuilder and put them out there to

show promoters and companies to see what a value they are to their business to

generate more revenue for their company.  I wouldn’t bother myself

unless I thought this was worth it. There is a lot of undiscovered talent out

there that needs exposure 100% and deserves a chance to be seen. I believe with

time I can give them that.


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