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Claudia Reid: Return of the Legends Show on December 10, 2011 at the Filmore in FL

Who is going to be there:

Here’s the latest news on the Return of the Legends Show:

Jarka Lorie Schneider went on a business trip to promote the show and got Lou Ferrigno aka “The Incredible Hulk” to present the first Mr. Olympia Larry Scott the LIFE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. IFBB Hall of Famer Shawn Ray and Jarka Lorie did photo shoots at Lou Ferrigno’s home gym.  Can you imagine being in the same room with Jarka Lorie Schneider and IFBB Hall of Famer Shawn Ray and the Incredible Hulk himself?.

Who are the stars competing for the $ 240,000 prize money:

Mr. O Ronnie Coleman, Mr. O Samir Bannout, Mr. O Dexter Jackson, Mr. O Stan Frydrych, Pavol Janlonicky, Andreas Cahling, Ronald Czuirlock, Toney Freeman, Troy Alves, Darrem Charles, Gary Strydom, Lee Apperson, Bill Wilmore, Ed Nunn and Tricky Jackson.

Get your tickets today for this incredible Show ….

Click the ink for more information: www.ProWorldMasters.com

The Return of the Legends show on December 10, 2011 in Miami at the Fillmore Miami Beach, Florida has grown like a monster ready to take over a world of bodybuilding fans. This show is going to be the biggest ever with huge stars and big prize money.  IFBB promoter Jarka Lorie Schneider never disappoints on her past shows and she has promoted so many over the years,  Jarka has the gift to  makes her shows huge, exciting, fun and leaves you impatient for the next  show. You are always surprised at what she is going to do next  guaranteed.



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