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Orange County, Orlando Florida  12 jurors found Casey Anthony NOT GUILTY.  25 year old Casey Anthony was cleared of all counts except for Count  5,6,7 providing false information to a law enforcement officer. Madame  clerk asked all the jurors individually if it was there true and correct  verdicts and they all answered yes.  The judge asked the council and Casey  Anthony to approach the bench and he too( judge) stated that she was NOT  GUILTY. The judge asked what day this week would be good for the Lawyers to  comeback this week to wrap up the rest of the proceedings. Casey Anthony is  getting sentenced on Thursday for giving false information to a police officer  and she was finger printed in open court. The alternate Jurors may go the  pressroom in the court to explain why the original  jurors found her  not guilty.

Casey Anthony served 3 years in prison for a crime that the juror voted not  guilty.  As per CNN Newsroom, the jurors refuse to speak with the media  and the Sherriff office is going to transport them back to there original  destination.  There is a crowd of people in front of the courthouse  waiting for the prosecution to come out and speak.  The crowd of people  have doubled in the past hour and the media helicopters are flying around  the building trying to get a shot of the crowd down below.

 The defense team spoke to the media and were basically saying that we  should all learn our lesson listening to the media assasination. Prosecutor  Lawson Lamar said that his team kept there promise not leaking information to  the media for 15 minutes of fame. He complimented his team and said that his  team were world class in getting the evidence of the dead child.
Sherriff  Jerry Demins made a few comments of Kaley Anthony and said that  we just celebrated  independence day and we should be happy for our  freedom. He thanked the volunteers , the agencies, orange county corrections,  state attorney office as well as Prosecutor Lamar and his team for the thorough  evidence of the case. He said that he is proud of his staff and the  way they represented the Orange County Sherriff office. He asked the Orange  County community to respect the verdict and maintain  peaceful  obedience.  He said that anyone that does not live on HOPE DRIVE where the  Anthony’s live, please avoid going there. Patrol cars will be surrounding that  area for there protection.



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