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John Kotler from C Prime and I met each other on Facebook through a mutual friend. John Kotler promotes and sells C prime bracelets and he called me for a meeting to tell me that C prime is the best bracelet ever made. John explained that the C prime bracelet is designed for impact, electromagnetic field that surrounds the body and gives you the power to achieve the best workout ever. Restoring improper balance to the body is very important whether you are an athlete or an elderly person.

The picture that you see on Facebook of John Kotler does not do him justice at all.  He is a very good looking man with a positive attitude and believes anything is possible.  He loves Cprime and it radiates on him when he speaks about it. He was so excited to talk to me about Cprime and the benefits of what it can do for me and everyone else.

He showed me pictures of star athletes that wears and promote Cprime on commercials and Photo shoots. The stars that I have seen wear the C prime bracelets are  Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod), Dwight Howard, Jay Z (rapper) and Beyonce, Nancy Leiberman and so much more. John Kotler advised me to wear C prime for 30 days and tell him how it makes me feel. Within the first half an hour of the meeting, I was able to get out of my chair with no problem after a pain stake workout of my legs. I couldnt hardly walk and started off the day in a bad mood and  went to the gym  worked out my anger and hurt my legs real bad. I decided to go to the meeting to meet with John at my old high school stomping ground in Queens NY (Hillside and Braddock at Wendys). Don’t worry folks never touched the single hamburger with everything on it, But I was totally into the C prime which took the edge off of wanting a burger.

I find myself in a great positive mood and I am not struggling with my leg movement since I put on the bracelet today.  I believe honestly that it works and I hope to have a great relationship with C prime for a long time. Make sure you check out C prime.

Check out Cprime website: http://www.cprimeusa.com/

Check out Muscle Talk 101 webpage: http://muscletalk101.webstarts.com/

John Kotlet Talks C primeJohn Kotler Talks C prime

Claudia Reid, John Kotler
John talk C primeCheck out C prime's website:http://www.cprimeusa.com/

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