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I am sitting here listening to an old interview that was done with Martae Ruelas on April 2, 2010 and I was impressed with him then and now. Martae as a child was homeless and was wondering where his next meal was going to be. He grew up in the rough parts of Tucson AZ and still remembers how his life was then and what he aspires to be in the future.  Martae Ruelas has the old school look like( Vince taylor, Arnold Schwartznegger, Robby Robinson and the rest of the Old school guys with the small waist and the big top.

He is currently working on a book about his life and we are looking foward for its publication in the future.  Martae said that fitness is his life and that it should be like that for every bodybuilder.  He plans to re -qualify to get his procard at the NPC this year.  Last year he said that he is doing everything himself and has no trainer which is remarkable.

Martae is 30 years old and have been doing bodybuilding for 7- 8 years and plans to do it for life. Check out his story on Muscle Talk 101.

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