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I am sitting in room watching a  2003 Woody Allen movie called ” Anything Else” with Jonathan Silverman. The movie is so funny and it also starred Christina Ricci as the crazy girlfriend of Jonathan Silverman that refuses to have any relationship with him. In any case, I decided to listen to an old interview with Bodybuilder Aaron Williamson which we affectionately call DUBBLE A.  Aaron talked about when he first realized bodybuilding was going to be a part of his life and what he did right after high school. He also talked about the rough transition period he had to go through coming back from IRAQ.

In this interview Muscle Talk 101 told Aaron that something good was going to happen to him and how she can feel it . This interview was done December 13th 2010 Aaron said that he hopes that something does happen that is good and positive .  Well! guess what, Aaron is the most requested personal trainer right now.  Compared to last year and now, this guy is loosing sleep because of opportunities beating down his door.  He recently worked with Hollywood star ZACH EFFRON on a military movie and he has been flying back and forth doing photo shoots and personal training with Hollywood.  Aaron said that New Orleans is his home and he is never going to leave for any reason.  I found this interview to be amazing because at this time, not a lot was going on for Aaron according him.  And now he is exploding like a grenade and Muscle Talk 101 congradulates Aaron on his achievements and wish him a life time of good luck.

Click the link and check out the radio show:


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Continue reading on Examiner.com BODYBUILDER AARON WILLIAMSON GETS HOLLYWOOD – New York Healthy Trends | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/healthy-trends-in-new-york/bodybuilder-aaron-williamson-gets-hollywood-1?fb_comment=34310176#ixzz1PD7jBxey


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