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John Stoney Toomer was interviewed by NYC Muscle Talk 101 telling the audience how he got started and who he has worked with. John is the most respected Fitness trainer in the business and he has no intention of stopping. John Toomer has been doing fitness his whole life and credits his mother for his success.  John has worked with famous boxers, football players and etc and he sees these people as clients and not as stars.

John Toomer spreads himself to the extreme by not only helping star athletes, he also helps high school students and people who are paraplegic and etc. He is serious about his fitness and does not hesistate to share what he knows and he like to see people battle the toughest war of all, which is obesity. John Toomer said on the interview that he does not see fitness as work, he sees it as a way of life.  He sees everybody the same whether they are rich or poor, he is giving his all to everyone that needs his help.

Continue reading on Examiner.com FAMOUS FITNESS TRAINER JOHN STONEY TOOMER – New York Healthy Trends | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/healthy-trends-in-new-york/famous-fitness-trainer-john-stoney-toomer#ixzz1OxKLzJS3


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