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I was sitting here thinking about things and the first person I thought about is Bodybuilder Walter Santoni and the interview he did with Muscle talk 101.  Muscle Talk 101 is no longer affiliated with Natural Vitamins of New York as stated on the radio show and is beating on there own drum.  This was Walter’s first interview and I must say that he did a great job and this interview is still being downloaded on ITUNES and SMARTPHONES.

On the interview, Walter talks about being focused and he doesnt want to make excuses and take the bull by the horn and make this happen.  Walter credits his mother and his fiance for his drive and his success today.  Walter started competing in 2007 and is looking to get his card in 2011.  He considers the first show one of the happiest moments ever.

Walter is getting ready for his show this year and he is currently in the NUTREX contest for best video  and people are voting like crazy!  The voting is like a presidential campaign and he is going to do damage and stand out.  Please vote NY for our own  Walter Santoni

Here is the Link:

vote for Walter and get NY and Connecticut  back on the map!   Click the link and watch this guy hit the HEMO RAGE down the hatch!

Check out Walters radio interview in Muscle Talk 101:

Continue reading on Examiner.com BODYBUILDER WALTER SANTONI ” GET IT OR DIE TRYING” – New York Healthy Trends | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/healthy-trends-in-new-york/bodybuilder-walter-santoni-get-it-or-die-trying#ixzz1OxI5ID8w


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