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Muscle Talk 101 had a great time interviewing Shawn Robinson’s interview in Novemeber 2010 discussing Shawn Robinsons past and how he became the one of the most focused diligent bodybuilder’s of our time today.  Muscle talk 101 mentioned looking at Shawn Robinsons website and it contained how he was treated badly as a child being told that he would never be a superior athlete.  Shawn said that his coach in high school told him that he was too small to play football and that was the start of his alter ego ” FLEX GRIFFIN”.

Flex Griffin is Shawn Robinsons alter ego and Flex tells him to F**k everyone and do what he has to do.  Flex is the rough and tough alter ego that protects and pushes Shawn Robinson to kill it in the Gym.  Flex did the NY pro show recently and did very well and he is working harder than ever to get back on the stage and shut it down.

Shawn Robinson recently worked out with Roelly Winklaar and Grandma and the photos speak for themselves.  Shawn looks great and he looks like a brand new man getting back to business.  Muscle talk 101 bumped into Shawn Robinson at the BEV FRANCIS ATLANTIC SHOW on June 4, 2011 at Tribecca and he looks like a mac truck. Shawn  did not hesitate to take a photo with Muscle Talk 101 showing those crazy mountain like guns.

The question the fans of Shawn Robinson want to know, When is Shawn coming back officially on stage?  And what is his mind set today?

Check out his interview on Muscle Talk 101:


Continue reading on Examiner.com BODYBUILDER SHAWN ROBINSON ” SHUTTING IT DOWN AND GETTING BACK TO BUSINESS” – New York Healthy Trends | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/healthy-trends-in-new-york/bodybuilder-shawn-robinson-shutting-it-down-and-getting-back-to-business#ixzz1OxLhiRhb


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