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Muscle Talk 101 radio show  and RX Muscle show host Dave Palumbo was at the New York NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States Bodybuilding show today at 199 Chambers Street in Manhattan. The NY NPC prejudging show was an hour late but ended up being an excellent show.  The show was held at BMCC  Borough of Manhattan Community College in the auditorium. The show was packed with people and sponsors. Dave Palumbo was seen talking to the crowd and the photographers of the show and everyone was excited to see him walk around the auditorium.

Bodybuilder PJ Braun was in attendance at the show sitting at the SPECIES table with Katherine Ramirez greeting fans and handing out samples to the fans.  Bodybuilder Flex Griffin AKA Shawn Robinson was at the door making sure the crowd came in safe and respectfully. The sponsors that sponsored the show was RICK COLLINS LAW FIRM, GNC,JAN TANA, AMINOGEN,BEV FRANCIS POWERHOUSE, MET RX, LABRADA NUTRITION, MUSCLE TECH and MD MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT.  There were samples of PURE PROTEIN bars, species stuff, LABRADA lean body bars, LABRADA lean body vanilla drinks and so much more.

The show started off with two fitness girls doing there routine jumps, flips, cartwheels and then they brought in the Teenage group with young men standing on stage flexing there muscles from head to toe and then they got off the stage. They brought out the female heavyweights on stage to do there routines of flexing, double lats, side poses and so on. Then they brought the Figure girls on the stage one at a time to do there routine then they made all of them come on the stage for the judges to look at them.  There were  family and friends in the audience shouting out support to the men and women on stage, Bodybuilder Rodney Roller was there in the front of the Auditorium with Dave Palumbo talking with the photographers and the people that were sitting behind the judges.


Muscle Talk Radio show was unable to cover the event live because according to them, the noise of screaming babies were a big problem in covering the show.  The show was covered by Muscle Talk 101 outside of the event.  Natural Vitamins of New York Sponsored Athlete Freddie Gallipoli was on stage as well with six other men on stage posing and doing routines.

Muscle Talk 101 was taking pictures with Flex Griffin aka Shawn Robinson at the event and you can see the picture on Claudia MuscleTalk Radio page on her face book page as well as her blog site at  https://claudiareid40.wordpress.com/.

If you want to see more highlights of the BEV FRANCIS show  Just got to: http://www.youtube.com/user/ClaudiaReid40?feature=mhee


Claudia Reid

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By Claudia Reid

Bronxville Healthy Trends ExaminerClaudia Reid is the Podcaster for Muscle Talk 101 radio show. Claudia interviews bodybuilders, MMA, Wrestlers and so on. Claudia writes blogs for…

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