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I am sitting in my room watching a movie ” Just Wright” with Queen Latifah thinking about what it would take to fufill my journalistic dreams.  What will it take you ask?  The only beautiful color that no one will ever wear on a golf course and that would be the mighty green dollar.  When you have a talent  whether it is music, art, fashion and etc, it takes money to make things happen.  When you choose a career that is a life passion you have dreamed about from the time you were a young buck, It is so hard to let go and say ” screw it!”  it is what it is! I am going to settle for a career in nursing assistant, waiter, mechanic, hairdressing and so on. The money is quick and fast and I can pay my rent and live semi-comfortable and hope and pray that someone will see my talent.  Well, that may not happen.  You have to be consistent and diligent with networking.

Getting sponsorship to finance what you love to do is the hardest thing to get.  Most of time if you do get sponsorship it would be mostly goods and products pending on what you are passionate in.  Especially in bodybuilding, getting proteins, creatine, flax seed oil and etc. is beneficial to keep your muscles growing and staying healthy all the way to the stage.  But, the key fact still remains the same and it always leads back to money.  Where do we get it from? Who is going to give it to us? What are we doing wrong? Is my talent good enough? You start to question if this move in your life was the right decision.

I always wanted to be a journalist, bodybuilder and have my own supplement company.  I gave up on my dreams because I started to question myself when I wasnt able to get the support of sponsorship from companies, friends and family. I have had the joy laughter of people thinking I was crazy to want to be a female bodybuilder back in the 80’s.  I always wanted to follow in the foot steps of famous female bodybuilders like Vicky Gates and Bev Francis.  Bev Francis is the perfect example of the life I wanted to have for myself. She was a famous bodybuilder and now owns one of the hottest gyms in Syosset, NY called the Bev Francis Gym.  Bev Francis promotes awesome bodybuilding shows every year along with Steve Weinberger her partner.


I have spoken to a lot of bodybuilders and supplement companies in regards to sponsorship.  The supplement companies would love to be in a position to help all the athletes that send them pictures, resumes, emails, DVD’s of shows the athletes have done, the fact remains there isnt enough revenue coming in to sponsor a hand full of athletes.  According to Keith Thomas of EST Nutrition, he is hopeful that the economy will turn around for the supplement companies where they can do more things for the athletes as well as the general public. Keith Thomas vows to keep putting out the best product for the public and also try to help as many people as possible.  We can only hope for the best and hopefully there are other supplement companies that feels strongly  about helping people when the market picks up. Bodybuilders have different feelings of sponsorship and would like to believe the economy has put a stump on there achievements, but a small amount of bodybuilders have told me that the supplement companies are making a killing in the market with the superstar bodybuilders Kai Greene, Jay Cutler, Toney Freeman and others.  Some athletes dont believe that all supplement companies are suffering,  The supplement companies have all said that they will remain hopeful that they stay in business and not have to lay off any workers.  We can only hope.


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