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Manny Kirby talks to Claudia Reid on Muscle Talk 101 and sets the record straight on the famous event  in Brooklyn NY .  The event was called ” IRON COALITION”  Saturday May 14, 2011  11am- 4pm at Greenpoint. The event had Supplement companies, bodybuilders, The owner of NVNY and his Bodybuilding Team, Jerry Beck from Iron Asylum and his girlfriend famous female bodybuilder Katherine Ramirez with her famous delicious cookies and  Brooklyn Paper Greenpoint Gazette.  
Advanced Muscle Tech and  clothing company STEEL TRIBE and among others were reaching out to the community and giving away prizes and free samples to the local people that made Brooklyn strong. BROOKLYN IN DA HOUSE!!!!!!   
The story goes a little something like this according to the sources that were at the event:
Manny Kirby and the Owner of NVNY were partners in doing the Iron Coalition show.  It was suppose to be a credit that was given to  both partners and according to sources Manny Kirby was hardly mentioned as a partner in the show.  Manny came on Muscle Talk 101 to tell his version of what happened.  Manny claims that it is all over and done with and is moving on from the bare mention of him and the sponsors he brought to the show.  The Brooklyn Gazette is an awesome paper that reports Brooklyn news like no other.  At this particular event, the story that was written  fell short of a successful event which had over 150 people.  
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