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Super Power lifter Stephen Collins from Torbert, Louisiana was talking to me about his previous show last week and his preparation for his upcoming show in October. Stephen explains that he loves Power lifting and if it wants him full time he would go for it and take his family with him.  He has great love for his daughters and his wife and cannot see life without them.  Even though he looks intimidating to people, He is as sweet as a teddy bear bouncing on marshmallows.  The tattoos on the lower part of his body and the famous screaming skull that glows in the dark in the club are just a part of his fame.  His Power lifting skills is where it at.  Check out what this Super Power Lifter had to say on Muscle talk 101, By the way he makes Unapproved Clothing Company shirts look reeeeaaaaalllllll    gooooooood!!!!

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