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December 3rd 2010 was the day I had the pleasure of  meeting  Bodybuilding Christopher Mahon on my show. We had so much fun and he taught me and the audience about the importance of keeping in shape.  I enjoy this show so much for the simple fact that he was very honest and open about his life.  His dogs were barking up a storm trying to get on the show which was so awesome to me because my dogs were doing the same thing.

Christopher Mahon is a guaranteed champion and I want to see him with massive sponsorships and no matter how many times he has fallen, Christopher always comes back like the 6 million dollar man. He doesn’t need a pro card to prove he is the future of bodybuilding.


Top Bodybuilder Christopher Mahon discusses training, nutrition, Cerberus Training System, Watercolor studio, Donkey Punch Clothing and much much more……make it your business to Listen.


Christopher Mahon is back on Muscle Talk 101 to tell us about his upcoming showsand his plans for 2011. Christopher mahon is one of my favorite stars today and I cant wait to have on the show

Christopher Mahon is famous and he doesn’t even know it!

Check out Christopher Mahons video which made #1  on GOOGLE :

Click the link:      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_cyPpILImc


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