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CLAUDIA’S MUSCLE TALK 101 Takes it on the road starting May 2011



Starting May 2011 Muscle takes the show on the road baby!  Getting the best #1 coverage ever from a fans point of view!. We are going to have Video shows, interviews with top bodybuilders,fitness, figure, natural, wheelchair, promoters and so much.  Hell Ill get the back room gossip from the janitor! I will be every where at every time to get you the coverage you deserve.

Yes, other radio stations and TV have the top bodybuilders giving play by play of the shows and they too can give the best coverage.  What if you got something different? What if you got coverage from a person that sits right next to you sharing the experience from a fans point of view?

I will be your eyes and ears on Muscle Action!   Muscle Talk 101 takes it to new heights and your gonna love it guaranteed!

If you have any muscle news that you would like for me to report or gossip.. email me @ creid3@aol.com



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