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Back in NYC and I was young girl with a dream of being a female bodybuilder and I was teased of the way I looked. I had big shoulders and built like a man some would say.  I always thought that if I became a female bodybuilder I would be a LEGEND and  marry another bodybuilder and we would have children and live a body builders life.  I would be the wife  standing behind her husband and cheer him on as he wins every championship across the board.  Well that never panned out in the cards but that was my dream.

My father always wanted to be a bodybuilder his whole life and never made it.  He was way too big and had the Monster look.  The way my day look scared people LOL LOL LOL. He is the sweetest baby cakes ever!  My father is 6’2 and over 250lbs or more who knows.  I was in the Kitchen with my mother and I heard a sports person yelled on TV ” Up next Vince Taylor! This kid is gonna make it! I guarantee it!  My father called me in the Livingroom yelling “Hey C get in here! Do you think this kid is bigger than your old pops! I went in the Livingroom and fixed my eyes on the TV and from that moment on.. I have been a fan ever since.

After classes were over I ran to the Newsstand on 14th Street and 6th and made sure I got 2 magazines. One was for me to read everyday forever and forever….. the second one was a collectors item.  I still have them until this day.  Vince Taylor made my world go round and when he won the big one in 1992….. I was hooked for life.  He is such an awesome Athlete and always made me believe that if you put the work in, you will get what you deserve… A dream of a life time.


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