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I had an interview with Mike Rice and walked away very impressed.  Mike Rice is the diamond in the jewlery box that never gets worn.  That means that Mike is a star and he doesn’t even know it yet.  Mike amazed me on the interview as very modest and that really surprised me.

Mike was talking about the greatest moment in his life as well as his lowest point.  Mike has such an impressive record that it is amazing how he does not have his pro card yet.

2010 IFBB North American Championships (4th Superheavy Weight)
2010 Coastal USA Bodybuilding Championships (Superheavy Weight & Overall Winner)
2006 USA Bodybuilding Championships (6th place)
2006 GNC NPC Collegiate Nationals (Superheavy Weight & Overall Winner)
2005 Southeastern NPC Gold Classic (Superheavy Weight & Overall Winner)
2005 Georgia Bodybuilding Championship (Superheavy Weight & Overall Winner)

Mike Rice is working towards getting his pro card and teaching young bodybuilders the proper way of adding muscle to there bodies.  Mike does not have far to become a star and I feel that his status is way passed pro card.  Olympia sounds good to me.

Claudia D Reid

Radio Show Host for Muscle Talk 101/ Podcasting is my life.


“Mike is an impressive bodybuilder with a lot of potential. ”  PETER W. POTTER – National NPC Vice-President

President – Promoter – USA Sports Promotions of FL. Inc

CLICK THE RADIO SHOW LINK: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/claudiareid40/2011/01/02/super-bodybuilder-mike-rice


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