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Roger Stone is the coolest Republican that I highly respect only because he doesnt give a fuck about anyones feeling about how he lives his life.  I am not a Republican lover nor am I a Democrat  lover these days.  Democrats piss me off because they are so stupid in the way they handle things.

Anyway back to Roger Stone.  Roger is a sex swinger and he has a posting on the internet for a well hung guy and A SEXY female that him and his wife would enjoy.  WHAT!  Stone has absolutely nothing to hide.  He is the MADONNA CICCONE of Politics.  He loves fucking woman by himself or with his wife and he owes no explanation for his behavior.  The way I see it, You can do whatever you want as long as it doesnt hurt children or animals.  Here is part of an article I picked up that blew my mind of Roger Stone.


Stone spends most of his time in Miami these days, but he’s still greeted warmly by the staff at the “21” Club, the venerable former speakeasy on West Fifty-second Street. “I love it here,” Stone said, as we settled into a corner table. “It’s like time stopped in about 1975 in here—my kind of place.” What appeals to Stone is not just the red-meat-and-red-wine gastronomy but also the jackets-required formality. Stone has had his suits tailor-made since the nineteen-seventies, partly because he has a bodybuilder’s physique, which makes it difficult to buy clothes off the rack, but also because he is fastidious about what he wears. He owns more than a hundred suits. For many years, he bleached his hair to an almost fluorescent yellow, but he now keeps it a more banal brown. For dinner, he wore a chalk-striped double-breasted suit, a starched white shirt with a spread collar, and a silver-colored tie, and, outside the restaurant, a homburg. His outfit comported with two of the rules in his book, “Stone’s Rules for War, Politics, Food, Fashion, and Living,” which he hopes to publish soon: “Never wear a double-breasted suit and a button-down collar” and “White dress shirts after six.”

Read more http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2008/06/02/080602fa_fact_toobin#ixzz12fLGaL8Q


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