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Montana Fishburne’s sext tape fizzled.. Paris and Kim’s still sizzles… Why?


Sex Tapes make these women famous and unforgettable in the public eye.  My question is….Why would you want to known as a skank whore?  Men want to fuck you and thats all they want…. and the women are mad because there boyfriends or husbands  have fantasies  about fucking you while he is popping his wife.  You guys will forever have man trouble. men will never take you seriously…. wake up!

For your consideration please………….. These people  who did the sex tape made a lot of money and secured there fame. Then why the fuck did Montana Fishburne said on a recent article that on her next film she will generate more money and be more famous than KIM and PARIS.  Are you kidding me?

First of all boo… A penny aint worth a dime.  No one wants nothing to do with a penny unless it can make up the  dollar difference. Go back to school and get your degree and make your family proud.  You need to get that FISHBURNE name out of the gutter.

Please email me @ creid3@aol.com   in the subject type FISH

give me your opinion………………..

Have you ever seen Sesame Street when they show people in boxes like the Hollywood squares and then a song plays like this

” One of these kids is doing there own thing, Most of the kids a quite the same, but one of these kids is doing there own thing….. Now it’s time to play our game… It’s time to play our game..  Montana is the the one doing her own thing.

She will never ever be as famous as KIM KARDASHIAN and PARIS HILTON.  No one knew Montana Fishburne nor did they care too.  Her father does not have the star power he used to have(LAURENCE FISHBURNE) back in the 80’s

DEEP COVER to the Matrix!   rememeber on Deep Cover when he was interviewing to go under cover and the FBI agent asked him… what is the difference between a BLACK PERSON and a NIGGER! Lawrence Fishburne said ” Only a nigger would answer that”… Great line on a movie.


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