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Is there such a thing as a 40 year old virgin? and if you met a 40 year old virgin, would you date him or her knowing the lack of experience they have in the sex department? Would you have enough patience to be in a sexual relationship with them?

I know a female that is very close to me and we’ve known each other our whole lives and she has never had sex.  She has been using sex toys to get off and call it a day and  the big questions arise ” What is wrong with her?” Is she a mental case? and was she in jail  for 40 years and got parolled and now she is DYING AND HUNGRY to have sex.. lol 🙂 Let me also mention that she is such a gorgeous woman inside and out.. so what’s the problem? The weird part was…. She played the part of an experienced sexual person when she spoke to people and gave sex tips which was very weird for me.  Everyone who didnt know her believed she was getting crazy sex and it bothered me at times because I knew it was a lie.

I asked her the burning question that everyone  we know have asked for years… What would happen when you meet the man of your dreams and you cant even play with his penis to get him off.  I asked her if I could write about her with no mention of her name or a picture… She was fine with it.  with me before and I treasure her and this for . I will call her F.

F grew up in Queens, New York as well as I did with strict Jamaican and Cuban parents that kept her under a lock and key until she was 21.  She went to catholic school and was always volunteering with the nuns and priest in church events.  F has always gone to church ever sunday without missing a 1 hour sermon.  She did charity work  and basically took care of her  little brothers and sister and never had a life of her own.

 All she did her whole life until this day is masterbate with all types of sex toys.   F spend her whole life not getting passed first base with any guy.  She basically fantasized about boys  in Highschool without ever loosing her virginity because back in the 80’s,  AIDS played a big fear factor in her life.  She was told that if she had sex with a man, she would catch the disease and everyone will  know that she caught the disease from the “GAYS” if you will.  Back then people were so ignorant of the disease and the name calling of the gays and stuff. 

It took her years to even accept Gay people.  F used to have such a great hatred for gay people because as a child she was told that GAY PEOPLE was killing Americans.  Then what really shut her down of even thinking about sex was this singer she loved named  JERMAINE STEWART DIED of Aids and that scared the shit out of her.  F swore that she will not have sex ever in her life and she believed all men have slept with other men on the low. F didnt trust anyone… She did everything she could to refrain from sex and it worked for her obviously until at the age of 37 when she desired the touch of a man that she met through friends and now she has become so lonely and depressed.   When people would have conversations about sex and boyfriends and stuff, F would play the part so well and lie her whole life that she was a sex goddess when she hasn’t even yanked a testicle.  I knew her lies will catch up with her and now F is in love with a man and now she can’t even approach him because he loves her too I guess and wants to wisk her away and have sex….  Stay tuned….


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  1. Nice post! GA is also my biggest earning. However, it’s not a much.

    October 25, 2010 at 7:23 am

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