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1) Define one word that defines Bruce?


2) What is your favorite color?


 3) What inspired you to make great clothes and accessories?

Initially I was working in web and graphic design. More and more clients asked me to design graphics for their clothing or hard products. After looking at the apparel market, I figured I could do that kind of design myself. When I put myself into something, I tend to go all out at one speed. So I did some contract work for a US based MMA style printing shop, and at the same time, I learned the apparel market including various methods of printing myself. Once I put it all together for ourselves, I set a series of goals. The primary one was high quality clothing was key without breaking anyone’s bank account. To this day, even if I do promotional work for someone, the shirts are the highest quality, no gildan or hanes clothes here. …

4) If clothing designing was not your first love… What would be your second career choice?

Most likely right back to what I did before, law enforcement work or working with young offenders. …

5) If you had a time machine to go back in time and do the whole thing over(as far as your career) would you leave everything now and start over again?

No regrets, wouldn t change anything. Experience is essential to learning and growing. .

Bruce Millward what can I say in one word : Talented

Bruce’s clothes are so well made and beautiful that you cant help but wonder how he does it.  He knows exactly what a woman wants and what she needs.  Most designers just add pink to an outfit and assume that it is what a woman wants. Bruce adds beautiful colors and designs to make the woman look gorgeous and sexy from head to toe.

I love the way he makes his T-shirts fit men.  The T shirt has a nice tight looking fit on the males muscles  but the shirt is not tight.  It fits just right and sexy on chest and arms area.  Hopefully we will see Bruce’s clothing on the Runaway.


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    October 7, 2010 at 7:36 am

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