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YVETTE BOVA SPEAKS…………………………Live with it!

Where do I live? I live in the “City Beautiful,” better known to most people as ”

Disney World,” Orlando, Florida.

How long have I been weight training?

Well, if I tell you…you just might guess my age! LOL Seriously, I have been “pumping the iron” for over 22 years.

When is my Birthday?

April 6, 19 something! LOL I am an Aries the Ram…Woooooo!

What is my Height and Weight? Height: 5′ 3″ Weight: 140 lbs.

What are my measurements? Bust size: 38GG, Biceps: 17 inches, Waist: 21 inche,s Quads: 26 inches, Calves: 17 inches.

What are my maximum weight lifting stats?

Bench Press: 250 lbs. Squats: 450 lbs. Leg Press: 1200 lbs.

How long did I serve in the United States Air Force?

Over thirteen great Years. I proudly served my country! Years in Service: 1984 – 1998. Yes, I am a US Veteran and Proud of it!!

Why did you chose to become a Female Bodybuilder?

I think muscle on a woman is very sexy and I like the fact that we are not the “Girls next Door,” but in a”League of our Own!” Most people are not use to seeing alot of muscle on a woman. In the sport of Female Bodybuilding…either people like the muscles or they do not, there is no in-between. I like being different then the normal skinny chick and love the stares I get in public (good or bad) because I have worked very hard over the years to attain this sexy muscular physique and proud of it!

Have I competed in many Bodybuilding Shows?

 Oh, Yes! I have quite a few trophies to show for all my hard earned work and dedication over the years competing in this great sport of Bodybuilding! I have competed and won many Bodybuilding Shows while serving in the Air Force overseas and I also competed in a few NPC, Narional level Bodybuilding shows, over the course of four yars since moving back to the mainland in 2002.

What are my hobbies and Interests?

My hobbies are: Reading a good drama, mystery or suspense novel. This might sound boring but I love doing word search puzzles! LOL I enjoy going to the movies (having sex), going to the beach (having sex). I definitely love to shop until I drop…get back up and shop more! Oh, did I mention having sex? LOL I just like to have fun, meet people try new and different things and enjoy life! “Tomorrow is not promised to anyone!”

Why did you decide to do Porn?

 I love having S-E-X! I am an exhibitionist, if you have not noticed and I love watching porn and getting freaky outside the gym! I am a animal in the gym, bodybuilder by day and a freak in the sheets at night! LOL I enjoy having sex with both men and women! I am also into voyeurism. Sex is a part of life and I love to experiment and find out what really gets my juices flowing and my big clit growing! LOL “Think outside the Box!”

How long have I had a presence on the Internet?

My first exposure on the Internet was back in 2001 and I have been all over the Internet flexing and posing, showing off my hard, vascular, defined and big sexy muscles with my clothes on and off! “It’s All Good!”

My fans, worldwide have been great and have stuck by me for many years and I cannot Thank You all enough all for your Dedication, Love and Support!

Much Love! Trillions of Sweet Wet Kisses and Strong Hugs!
Your Sexy Ass Muscle Diva and Porn Star,

This interview came from Yvetta Bova’a Website:  http://www.clubyvette.com/home.htm

This interview is from CLUB YVETTE BOVA website

I think that Yvetta Bova is the greatest.  Not because she does porn…. It is because she does what she wants to do and dont give a damn about what people say or think. Whether you disagree with the way Yvette lives… Thats a problem your gonna have to deal with.. and it’s all good.


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  1. awesome person, isnt she?

    December 23, 2012 at 1:01 pm

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