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I always get teased about my ass.  I am also told that I got an ass of a porn star and I hate it so much.


What a girl to do I say… My body is so funny that it makes me laugh and pissed at the same time.  Im top heavy and when I lift weights I look like a football player  with big tits and I hate it.  My butt is big and muscular and I cant wear jeans because when I bend down I have the G String with the plumbers crack.  I have to constantly wear skirts all the time just avoid my ass crack showing. 

Look at my arms… They were much bigger and solid than that… and I had to ballooned them down and get rid of the muscle just to have a softer feminine look.  My legs are rock solid and I never had a six pack so……… that ‘s what I am disgusted with.  Does that look like a person that wanted to be a bodybuilder as a child? 

When I work out my face changes and it makes me look like a drag queen…. lol.. This is why i hate my body because when I work out I look like a body guard and not a soft feminine woman.  You can see toughness of my face and my chin looks longer.

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i am so digusted with it!  Here is my dilemma!  I work out and look fit I look like a BOUNCER!  when I let myself  go I look  feminine .. but I dont like it.  What a girl to do…………..


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