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What do you think is going to happen next year for 2011?  Branch Warren is not going to let this shit ride….. Next year his ass is taking it to the Mattress.  The judges were definetely looking at BRANCH real hard on the Olympia stage.  I thought if Phil did not win this….. It would be Branch Warren to take it home.  Jay Cutler better watch himself because BRANCH will be coming to town to take that TITLE.

Look at this guy! Are you kidding me……………. His whole body is sick! If he challenges Jay Cutler… I hate to say it .. he may be Mr O in 2011… BUT! wait he does have someone to worry about on his end!

Jay may have to worry about Branch next year!  But guess what Branch…. you may have to worry about someone else snapping at your heels and jay’s.  Kai Greene will not be playing next year EITHER!

Imagine you got cancelled out of 6th place for having water ! And then the commentators stated that you are not well conditioned to be MR O this year!  Hell no! kai is not taking that lying down… I guarantee that.  He is coming hard AND strong next year and taking no prisoners.  That would be a great show to watch next year in New Orleans It would be like CLASH OF THE TITANS and I will be there for sure and I hope you will too.


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  1. ye i do agree….seeing kai at the ny pro up close and seeing him 2 days before the ny pro 2011….

    i was like this dude thickened up..greatly..he is not playing..when speaking with him, its very hard to get a word outta him, not that i was trying to conversate..lol..(ofcourse i was)

    he’s a dude thats down for the CAUSE!!!


    May 30, 2011 at 9:33 pm

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