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I feel so bad for Kai Greene the other night.  I felt like he gave up a little and  I think he may have caught wind that it would not have been his time to win that night.  What really got me was that he didnt even make the top six.  The anouncer kept saying that he has water and isnt conditioned well the way he sould have.

Kai is the greatest and I thought it was humiliating for him to not make the top 6.  He got penalized terribly.  I am very competitive and I know how he must be feeling right now!  If I was Kai Greene I would take this time off for a month to reflect on what has happened and then get ready for next year!  Next year will be KAI GREENE’s moment.

I know Kai Greene in his mind must be saying that he will be bigger and better next year and whomever doesnt think so can kiss his



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