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First off I would like to start off by saying that I was sweating like a mofo.  At first in the beginning I said to myself that Jay was going to take it home and that no one had a chance against Jay.  Well all that change on the first night when they lined up all the pros’s and then I saw PHIL HEATH.  Phil Heath scared the shit out of me because I felt right away that Phil was going to take it from Jay.

At this very moment! My whole being said that Jay better hold himself up and Phil better be humble to the crowd because Phil your the winner.  When the announcer called out JAY CUTLER’S name my heart stopped beating fast and I was like WOW! Jay Cutler did it again! Then I started to question myself and say…… Did Phil get cheated out of Mr. Olympia?  Are people thinking the same as I am? I wanted JAY to win ofcourse, but the way I saw things on the stage…. Phil did have sort of of advantage with his uppper body.  But I guess because Jay’s legs and Upper body matched and he didnt have the BIG TOP skinny leg affect.. Thats made him the winner.  Phil could have work on his legs a little more and that probably would have made him the winner that night. Who knows?

The shock of the night for me was………………. JOE WEIDER! Joe is still alive and he is around 91 years old.  I was so surprised to see him because I was told he died.  Thats was great for me honestly that a man with his achievements lived to see another MR OLYMPIA. Good for You Joe and Happy Birthday!


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