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First I would like to comment on the win of Sonia Gonzales in the Bikini competition.  1st place and she won $6,000.00…….. Go on Girl with your bad self.  This is her third win and the judges were impressed again with the latin flavor! Go on an represent for the latinas all over the world honey! My half latina self was screaming for joy!

Here is the list of winners I saw that walked away with the cash baby!

Natalia Melo – 2nd place-  $3,000.00

Jaime Beard-  4th place-  $ 1,750.00

Amanda Latona – 5th place- 1,250.00

Alison Rosen- 6th place- $ 1,000.00

What kind of writer am I to not have 3rd place winner!  This was the time when my pitbulls were fighting!

Back on Track on last night event. 

The winner of the Figure Bikini is Adela Garcia!  Yay!  she won first prize of $ 28,000.00  another latina in the house!

Two Latinas won the Bikini and Figure competitions! and won the grand prize baby!

Here is the list of the the other ladies that won as well:

Tanj Johnson – 2nd place- $ 14,000.00

Trish Warren-  3rd place-  $   8,000.00

Miriam Capes- 4th place- $    5,000.00

Oksana Guishina- 5th place $ 3,ooo.00

Bethany Wagner- 6th place$ 1,000.00

Iris Kyle! My favorite female bodybuilder of all time has won again! Iris tore the house down and took home $28,000.00.  Go home with a whole the big one Iris! I aint mad at you at all.  I had no doubt in my mind that Iris would win.  I am proud to say that Iris is number #1 again and she deserves it 100%.  If you had seen some of the acts that got on stage! Girl….. It was a mess!  

 First all Dayana Cadeau could have done a lot better! She looked real tired and lazy on stage to me….. I know that she could have done a whole lot better if she had put her mind to it.  She was in 5th place and only won $3,000.00. She should have been runner up to Iris.

Sheila Bleck was great but the routines need to be changed.  I always said that she need to get funky.  It’s always the same acrobatic, ballet stuff  that she has been doing for years… She always came close but never the cigar.  That is why Cathy Francois beat her the last time and she came in second place.  If Sheila Bleck just shock people with a totally different routine she would be MS OLYMPIA!  Sheila Bleck can beat the shit out of everyone if she just put funk in her junk.



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