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‎1) What inspired you to do bodybuilding?

the main thing that inspired me to do bodybuilding was always being skinny when i was younger,plus i wanted to better myself and have goals to aim for.2) What was the happiest moment in your life in bodybuilding?

happiest moment in bodybuilding was doing my 1st show,didnt look that good but was a… big achievement completing the diet!!

3) What was the worst moment you had in bodybuilding?

worst moment was last show my music didnt work for my routine so had to make it up on spot with someone elses music!!

4) What was the happiest moment in bodybuilding?

one of my happiest moments was having people give me compliments for my hard work.

Where do you see yourself doing at the age of 40?

40 years old……hopefully having a gym of my own training others and to be a multiple champion by then!!!

6) Once you become famous.. what would change for you?

if i was famous nothing would change really id still be the same person,just get more attention i suppose,would be fun 🙂

7) What would you do if you recieved your IFBB procard? what would be the next step?

being a natural bodybuilder if i got a natural pro card the next step for me would be to aim to win pro shows and just keep entertaining the crowd!!!

8) Who would be your number priority to take to the top with you once you get there?

if i got to the top id take my family and girlfriend who are always there for me,my training team martyn hinks and adam gray who are a massive help for me ,and all the numerous people who followed me from day 1 with their support as well .
Christopher Hartley pretty much has his career woven in a web of success.  He loves the sport and will never leave it and when he gets famous… He is taking his lovely girlfriend with him… That’s right Chris never forget who was there from the beginning to support you.
One other thing I would like to mention is that he is smart, intelligent and has his life mapped out to be a champion.


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