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When we need to feel sorry for ourselves and complain…. before we make totally asses of ourselves, Think about IFBB pro Dan Smith.  This guy should get Bodybuilder of the Century and not because he is in a wheelchair, it because he never ever gave up! Thats why!

I read his profile I was in awe and that rarely happens to me.  In 2006 he was faced with a terrible accident which left him with spinal injury and after that he started bodybuilding again.  How many people can say that about getting up out of bed and not falling apart after that tragedy… exactly!

He is now working hard to bring wheelchair bodybuilding to the front and I believe as he does that it will happen soon.  He said a qoute on his profile that really impressed me to death and this is what it is:  What fails to kill us makes us stronger..

You damn right Dan!


Is there anything that Dan Smith cannot do!  He has his toys which are cars and motorcycles and he enjoys them completely.  What I find incredible is….. He rides his motorcycles.  He is totally awesome and an incredible man. He is the inspiration to us all…. that it is possible to do whatever you want and dont let nothing stop you no matter what!


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