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The Pink Pump

Claudia Reid

Pink Pumps aka Bad Lisa caught my attention by accident.  I was listening to Tommy Sotomayer as I always do.. And as always he does a superb job.  Then I lost my connection and ended up going to Bad Lisa and the shit I heard is crazy.  She was insulting this woman so bad I said to myself OH MY GOD! this radio show is off the charts.  She was calling this woman nappy headed Jigga boo, Bojangles dancing… yada yada yada. I felt mad but it kept me there.   She claims that this woman accused her of talking about her children. And ofcourse this woman is black.  I am going to give Lisa one more chance and listen to her show and see if this is just a mel gibson moment or she actually hates black people.  It is absolutely nuts. I was checking out the listeners and a majority of them were black…I didnt hear anyone on the phone cussing her out or in the chatroom cussing her ass out either.  I came in  the middle of the show so I dont know what happened exactly… But I am going to check out her show from now on and see what she is about before I pass judgment.


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  1. acv

    boom chica wowow

    September 24, 2010 at 4:20 am

  2. t’s such a great site. fanciful, quite intriguing!!!




    October 7, 2010 at 3:39 am

  3. Bettie Page Girl

    Bad Lisa is a blast and not racist. She hates everyone equally. She is one of the few who say what a lot of people wish they would have or what they think and don’t act on in the way of words. She calls out the idiots, morons, haters, etc… and holds them accountable for their words and actions. Yes, she can be very abrasive at times but if you are open minded and give her a chance, you just might think, HMMMM. She is actually an awesome women and if you haven’t already made up your mind, as this is and older post and I just read it, today, you just might like her, too. I love her as she has been a friend for about 4 years. Online, of course and if I could I would have her as a friend in real life, what ever that is. Thank you, Bettie Page Girl

    March 18, 2011 at 11:32 am

    • I forgot to write again about the next show. I understand her. She is okay. no problem here.

      March 19, 2011 at 9:23 pm

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