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Claudia Reid

This is the most exciting blog I have ever written….. Guess who was on TJ Sotomayer radio show?  Jerry Beck and Eryn Strickland.  Oh my God! I have never laughed so hard in such a long time.  Jerry and Eryn made the show so fantastic I was mad I had to get off early.  I was on there for a good 1 hour and 15 minutes of pure laughter.  The only part I wasnt feeling was the computer guy… but after that …. It started to kick ass.

What seriously made me laugh… even right now as I am writing this… Is when TJ said before a commercial break.. When we come back we will talk about Jerry saying that he finds black woman nasty naked.. Something like that..I would have loved to been a fly on Jerry’s wall when TJ said that!  I was laughing so hard EVEN NOW!  TEARS WAS AND STILL IS ROLLING DOWN MY FACE… OKAY!  

Then they started talking about Gay for pay and how people have to turn to that in order to make ends meet.  You guys know my stories in the beginning about Gay for pay in the past.  I most certainly understand  what they were saying tonight.  Jerry was so honest and so real about his feelings on INTERRACIAL DATING that it impressed me.

And Eryn, what can I say about my girl.. She was as real as 9/11.  There was no sugar coating on her part.  She also stated her feelings on Interrracial dating and it is important that we are all honest with each other.  This is what I have been trying to promote for years.  The only way for our races to get along and live as one is to be honest.. Like for instance…

If Billy calls you a nigger!  Dont get mad and upset… Ask Billy why he is calling you a Nigger?  Allow Billy to talk calmy and give him a chance to speak as to his reasons… Maybe Billy had a bad experience with Black people and he is in fear and feels that he has to protect himself.  Find out why before you cut Billys throat.

If Black John calls you a red neck or whatever names are being used these days towards white people?  Black John need to explain why he is so angry at Billy and why he called billy a bad white name. Black John need to explain himself as well… calmy.  We need to talk to each other and get all that stupid aggression out.

I feel that we are all the same in so many ways.. The only difference is that we are of different color.  I believe that everyone has the right to like or dislike something or someone with probable cause. Not all white people are racist and not all Blacks are thieves.  We dont have to like one another … but I feel that we need to respect each other and not try to hurt the other race.   Racism needs to stop NOW! I hope that we all can overcome that one day..

But in any case…. Jerry was phenom on that show.. He didnt say much.. but when he did say it.. It was the most spectacular TRUTH you can ever imagine.  I put Jerry on a high shelf because he is an artist.  He is talented, smart, a great philosopher and a wonderful caring father.  Jerry is a great support for many people in his life and you got to respect that! You really have to respect the guy!  I know a lot of good looking men that are complete dead heads and all they have is there looks.  There is actually a brain behind that beauty and a talented soul from GOD.

Eryn dont give a shit whether you are white or Black, Just do right by her.  She came right out with her feelings on interracial dating and I respect her 100%.  She said that she dont give a shit what color as long as you respect her!  Her and Jerry really truly got my vote on the realest people award.  There is nothing fake about these people. JERRY you will always have my vote and my respect.


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