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Lets get to it! I have been very nice for months and I think that I deserve a medal for being good…. But things have been bothering me outside of my usual bodybuilding stories.  Ladies! I dont speak for every woman only for myself… so if you agree that’s fine.. If you dont oooooooooooooooh well!  Ladies! I know that some of you feel that there is lots and lots of money to get and the only one that has it ………………….. is Grandpa!

It’s not like the old days where all you had to do was TAP grandpa on his ass and let him feel your left titty and you get 50 dollars.  That was back in the day and no more!  Grandpa is taking Cyalis and Viagara to keep his old dick stiff for 2 to 4 hours. So you actually gonna have to give Grandpa head, tickle his old purple balls and play patty cake with his saggy ass.  Is it worth it?  Im no spring chicken either Im 40 years old and way too old for Grandpa, shit! Britney Spears is considered a senior citizen to Grandpa.  Grandpa wants middle aged Miley Cyrus to give him a good one of that ass… so Granpa can sleep peacefully and make pretend you aint stealing his money out of his wallet. And that’s okay with Grandpa because he got some of that ass. Now he can die happy!

Look at this idiot Ron Jeremy! Still trying to make young men jealous of him because he can still get it.  Well sorry to dissapoint you folks! he ain’t getting it.. well not like he used to.  In the industry Ron had a huge COCK in the 70’s and it made him a star…. Now that stribbled up mr. peanut sits there and waits for death.

But guess what ladies… you have competition with getting on Grandpa’s will and testament to secure your ass with his money.  These days grandpa found a new piece of ass to give his 50 dollars to:

Yes ladies …….. young and ballsies with a flat chest and a tight end….How about that for your ass! Shocking isnt it.. but true!  Did you know that 6 out of 10 old straight men ( wink wink) go for the young ballsies than the silicone.  What has this world turned to.

Ladies! Ladies! Do you honestly believe that I would leave you out… That would be sexist now wouldnt it.  Old ladies are just as freaky as an old man and will tap a young man’s ass if she could. But! if you notice …. no one really talks about it to much since Ivana trump and Joan Collins.  My whole things is this…. How can a young woman get passed screwing an old man with his saggy ass body and his balls stuck to his thighs, How can a young man get used to a old woman with saggy tits and ass with a droopy hoo hoo like Cher!  My thing is.. How can you fuck a wrinkled shirt?  How do you tell yourself  that I can do this! My light bill needs to be paid and I need to eat! Is that enough to get your  cock hard or vagina juiced… You have to have a strong mental to do that and to keep on doing it.  I rather work at a McDonalds for five dollars an hour working part time than to fuck an old man.  Its not worth it to me….. Am I wrong?


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