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Q an A with Claudia Reid.. WordPress Nosiest Female! But you gotta love me!

Dear Claudia,

What is your favorite color?


If you have a sweet tooth and you had to have that oe piece of candy, what would it be?


If you were in a karoake bar , and you had to win with a song… What would it be?

Joan Jett ” Cherry bomb

If   LAW wasnt your first choice, what career would you have chosen?

Bodybuilding ( always been a dream of mine) and Journalism ( which i am doing now)

What is the one thing you can never do without?

My cameras

Name one thing you love the most? 

My Fully Loaded Scion Truck..  I call her Maggie… My Cherry Bomb

Give one word that defines you?  strong

I love to put people in the hot seat…. My followers asked me why I dont do the same for myself and here it is…

I love people…. all kinds of people…. doesnt matter who are what you are… I love to talk to people and find  out exactly what makes them tick.   It comes natural to me to ask questions about people and what they like to do and what makes them angry and happy in that order.  I dont believe in racism…. I feel that if you are a racist and you hate another race ……. your a fucking asshole point blank.  I believe that people who say that they never say NIGGER, WETBACK  and other horrible race names are fucking liars.  I think when everyone is home alone and someone pisses them off.. The first thing that comes out of there mouths is whatever nationality that person is with a FUCKING in the beginning and a FUCK at the end.  If we all come clean and just say.. Billy I like your race and before I never have and this is why?  If we all come clean and talk to each other and discuss our issues as to why we hate each other.. You will find it is silly and dumb….. We need to understand each other and learn about different cultures.  Thats what I believe in my heart.  I dont give a shit whether you are WHITE or BLACK or whatever! If  I think your a fine ass man with muscles in the right places… where I like em!  I’ll call you. lmao:) It doesnt matter…

We shit, fart, spit and if we dont take a bath for a long time…. we fucking all smell the same… STINK!   This is what is what it is FOLKS!  take it or leave it!



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