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Chris Duffy, Yvette Bova and Bruce Patterson….. IFBB’s bad boys and girl..winner is!

Okay lets get to it. Give the public what they want…. I recieved a whole lot of emails for the past couple of weeks  about these IFBB porn stars.  Can we just get passed it! I am tired of writing about these people.  Chris Duffy from what I am hearing is still escorting and having a great time.  he maybe escorting but he aint pulling in that BOVA money.  He is only charging 200 -250 an hour.

Yvette Bova is busting out with a whole bunch of websites and making stooooooooooooooopid money.  From what I hear and dont qoute me on this.. A source told me that BOVA is pulling in 5 million a year off her websites alone.  They call her the black Oprah Winfrey of Porn.  She makes jenna Jamerson look like a welfare case.  She is the highest paid female website owner in the industry.  No! let me correct that….. She is the highest paid black bodybuilder pornstar in the industry.  My hats off to YVETTE BOVA.

Bruce Patterson is retired and there is nothing on him that I know of.  Last I heard he lives in canada

The winner is: Yvette Bova!   


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