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So far I have listened to 3 shows and each show has been a colossal of entertainment.  Each one of these wonderful people have there own flavor and it comes together like great chicken soup for the soul. 

TJ- is so smart and intelligent that it blows your mind when he talks.  He hits you with the issues and you better be ready for it.  Even though he tries real hard to catch Eryn off guard…. He just keeps making the show greater and greater.  If  the right people are listening to TJ… I have one meaningful sentence that applies to TJ and here it is…. STEVE HARVEY DOESNT GET HIS CONTRACT RENEWED. NEW ANNOUNCER TO REPLACE HARVEY WITH YOUNG AND FRESH IDEAS…TJ SOTOMAYER! THE BLACK BILL MAHER OF RADIO!.  he uses words from  dick, pussy to higher learning issues.  Great Job TJ.

Eryn Strickland is the strong “I say what I want to say and if you are hurt by it oooooooooh well!  type of gal.   I like Eryn’s personality because she doesnt sugar coat nothing at all.  Whatever she is thinking is coming out of her mouth with no apologies at all.  She gives great advice and if you are trying to get over and she catches you… oh hell nooooooo!  you are not getting away with it.  Eryn is sort of like the reverse oreo cookie with a splash of chocolate inside.  Eryn can definetly hang with the sisters….One minute she is just Eryn…. cool as a cucumber but one false move from your ass.. She will make a citizens arrest and cuss you the fuck out.  Eryn is no joke and I can most certainly identify with that.  Erin is GANGSTA and there is nothing fake about her.

Devine-  I dont hear much from Devine….but when I do… It is blast.  She will not take any crap from anyone.  She will sit back in the cut and listen and observe.. but when she hears what she doesnt like KABOOM bitches! 

These three people are great and fun to hang out with on the radio… Can you imagine how much fun it would be if you hung out with them at the dinner table.  

Host Name: T J Sotomayor
Show Name:


Date / Length: 9/14/2010 8:00 PM – 2 hrs
Length: 2 hrs
h:85066 s:1120294

In this final episode of our 10 part series on dating we address the victim epidemic!! -Making sure you address your fault in all of your dealings -Watching what you say when you talk to another person about your current or past relationship! -Are you even ready to get back into that dating pool? -Accepting responsibility for your decisions!


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  1. “A reverse oreo cookie with a splash of chocolate inside…….” LMAO….I’m sooooo stealing that…..YOU ROCK C-DOG!
    xo eryn

    September 15, 2010 at 1:09 pm

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