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Dear kasie:
Q and A questions for Bodybuilders

1)What is you favorite boardgame?

2)Who is your favorite actor or actress?

Al Pacino

3)What is your favorite color in the crayon box?


4) One word that defines you?

Unique Physique
5) If you were in a Karoake contest, what song would you chose to win?
 Stand my ground

6) What was the most exciting moment for you in Bodybuilding?

1988 North County Classic1st & Best Poser Award

2004 USA – 3rd
2004 The Los Angeles-1st
2003 USA – 9th 
2002 USA – 13th 
2001 USA – 8th 
2000 Nationals – 5th
2000 USA – 9th(tied)
1999 BorderStates -Guest Poser
1999 USA-7th
1998 USA-6th
1998 Jr. Nationals-1st
1998 S. Diego Championship – Guest poser
1997 CA State Champs. – 1st
1997 Orange Cty. Muscle Classic-Overall
1997 Jr. USA – 2nd
1996 Jr. Nationals – 6th
1996 USA – 11th
1995 CA State Champs. – 3rd
1995 Orange Cty. Muscle Classic – 3rd
1994 Palm Spgs. Classic – 2nd
1994 Jr. USA – 6th
1993 Palm Spgs. Classic – 4th
1993 S. Diego Champs. – 2nd
1993 Jr. USA
1992 Portland Gold’s Classic-Guest Poser
1992 S. Diego Champs. – 2nd
1991 Border States – Overall
1990 Tourn. of Champs.-3rd
1989 Palm Spgs.Classic-2nd
1989 S. Diego Champs.-2nd
1988 North Cty Classic – 1st & Best Poser award

Dear Bodybuilders and Non Bodybuilders:

This is Kasie Cavanaugh “THE GRANDIOSO UNIQUE PHYSIQUE WONDER WOMAN! Before I move on and talk about Kasie….. Let me give you a fair warning this FOXY LADY is respectfully married so dont even try it.  What I would like to talk about is Kasie’s impressive stats that she worked her ass off to get.  Her stats shows that she is a dedicated and fantastic bodybuilder that shot right to the top.  Her body is unique because it is strong  well built  and sexy but you can still see the beauty and the feminine side of it.  Most women cant achieve that look. 

Most woman have great bodies but look like men… but Kasie looks like a woman with muscles and its gorgeous.  It looks absolutely fantastic on her and her clothes fit her well.  She is truly unique in every greatest sense of the word.

Keep doing what you are doing kasie! you look marvelous darling… and I hope that you compete again in 2011.. just a thought..  I know that you will blow every woman off the stage if you comeback….. I bet you they are praying you dont!


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