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Q and A with Brian Lederman….. Hardcore Man with the Hardcore Training


 Dear Brian:   
1)What is you favorite boardgame?


2)Who is your favorite actor or actress?


3)What is your favorite color in the crayon box?

dark blue

4) One word that defines you?

5) If you were in a Karoake contest, what song would you chose to win?

anything by the ramones

6) What was the most exciting moment for you in Bodybuilding?

having the ability to train women and men who won there shows in bodybuilding/figure

Claudia Reid  Dear Bodybuilders and Non Bodybuilder,

I have to watch what I say on this interview because Brian is married and he is fine as hell! okay anyway, I happen to find his profile interesting and I gathered up all my information and put it together in this post.  Brian Lederman is motivated by HARDCORE TRAINING.  He has the drive and the determination to help Bodybuilders especially the ones that have won the competition.

That is the guy you would want in your corner on the battlefield.  Holla at my Boy Brian Lederman, because Lord knows I cant.  On a serious note, HARDCORE TRAINING is where its at.  I rather train with people that have the HARDCORE PRINCIPLE than the SOFTCORE attitude.

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One response

  1. Jamie

    I have known Brian for almost 4years I have been training with him for 3years I have dropped 50lbs and I am not a body builder I am a mom and wife. He knows how to motivate you and make you want to be a better you not only on the outside but on the inside as well. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and trainer. He wants to help those that need to get in shape and lose weight but you have to want it too and Brian can make it happen for you.

    September 14, 2010 at 2:21 pm

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