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Dear Jerry,
What people like to know is this: If you had a time machine and it allowed you leave everything behind to start all over again, would you? If you had a sweet tooth and you had to have that one candy, what would it be? What career you think you would be doing if IA wasnt your first thought? Sum up Jerry Beck… in one word?

QUESTION 1: If I could go back in time and do it all over again? Wow. Um, I’d most certainly have the same goals…I don’t think I’d change anything because any scenario that I suggest may have been better can just have easily have led to something worse. No regrets. Just lesson learned.

Question 2: If I had a sweet tooth? I DO HAVE ONE! Candy? Easy! A one pound bag of JUMBO RED VINES, The maker of RED VINES is a genius…I’m just a guy that likes to draw.;)

 Question 3: A career if IA wasn’t my first thought? IA wasn’t my first thought. American Nightmare Factory was. I want to get back into self publshing my own comics and then turn those properties into movies.

 Question 4 : One word to describe me….Unstoppable.

Claudia Reid Great answers from a genius…. I got your T-shirth 10 minutes ago from the UPS guy! I am so happy. The Tshirt( No Place for the weak) Is hot like a Volcano. And I recieved it so fast!!! You are no joke jerry seriously
Jerry Beck is a genius and the greatest  part is he knows it.  His drawings will make you cry with admiration but at the same time will make you straighten the fuck up.   There is no excuse for bitch asses and no place for the weak.  He is motivation to people who even think for one second being a punk bitch pays in life.  Everything that Jerry beck has in life …. Hard work went into that shit.  He makes no excuses he just do what he does and that is creating an empire of Iron Asylum.  There is no question that this empire is ready to rule the world in 2011. 
This ISM is straight from the KINGS mouth Jerry Beck:
“When the bad news (at times) out-weights
the good…That’s when you know what your crew is made of. That’s when
PBL really kicks in. If your in this simply to make
money, you ain’t in this for the right reasons. This is absolutely about
having the ability to help people, to empower people, and to motivate
and inspire people.
That’s the absolute reason for what I’m doing…”-J.Beck
In closing to this Q and A –  Jerry Beck is real nice man with a talent of 10 million michaelangelo’s. 

One response

  1. Good stuff boss! Claudia….you are great to shine your spotlight on such a deserving person. JERRY BECK IS AMAZING. Please go support him/we/us at http://www.ironasylum.com.

    xo eryn
    IA Mistress, IA-vangelist.

    September 8, 2010 at 8:32 pm

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