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Dea People,

Erin was on BLOG TALK RADIO WITH TJ sotomayer and she was off the hook! Words couldnt even describe.  I called in to give my support and I was so nervous…. I was  saying JABBA JABBA JABBA ya ya ya.. thats how nervous I was. She was great and she was so funny,  I dont listen to RADIO SHOWS AT ALL.. THIS WAS THE BEST RADIO SHOW I EVER HEARD.  Erin gave me a shout out on the radio for my support and I couldnt believe she did that!  I felt that I did not deserve that at all.  All I did was talk about IRON ASYLUM and how great Jerry Becks work is.  Erin was honest and bold in a positive way ABOUT THE TOPICS. 

ERIN NEEDS TO HAVE HER OWN SHOW!  Don’t sleep on ERIN she is going to be huge!

The topics that Erin had on her show was:   80/20 rule

                                                                                        Tiger woods

                                                                                        Mel Gibson

And she was off the chain…  ERIN IF THIS IS YOUR DREAM! GO FOR IT!


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