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Dear People,

As you know I always want to share my admiration for great bodybuilders… But this time I am making a change for a second.  This story is too good not to share.  Mark Antonek made a huge difference in a man’s  life by changing his body from ordinary to extroadinary.  Chris Chisolm is hot as hell and he knows it.  Chris credits Mark for making him A HOT TAMALE and I am so happy for him.  If you look at his photos, you can see a major change of confidence in just the photos alone.  Chris looks happy and he looks wonderful.

I hope that Chris does the 2011 show next year!  I will be there for that one… You can count in it Chris!   Thank you for showing me that it can be done and teaching me that… I can be my own architect and re shape my body to perfection like Chris did. 

Again, a special shout out to MARK ANTONEK for being a modest, kind and caring person that shares his secrets and wants to YOU to succeed and be the best.

Thanks Chris for sharing yourself with us! and we look foward to seeing you compete in TAMPA next year 2011


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