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Dear People,

I have to say that JEFF LONG IS THE BODYBUILDER OF THE WEEK because he is so young and achieved so much in his life.  Jeff Long is in his late 20’s and doing it all.  Even though he lost  a couple of competitions in his early years his first thought was to quit for a second and his spirit wouldnt leave him alone.  I believe that his destiny is to be the BEST IFBB pro and he achieved just that.

He is another bodybuilder that inspired me to never give up on a dream.  Everyone has dreams hopes and wishes and for a young man to achieve all  that is awesome.  I wish Jeff Long  a lot of luck and prayers in his journey because I have a feeling it is not over for this young man.

Bodybuilders like Tim Love, Mark Antonek and now this very smart intelligent young man makes me want to pump iron into my dreams.  This is what Jeff Long said that made me open my eyes wide:


Well the journey begins again as I start my prep for the Tampa Pro show  just 8 weeks away. The New York pro is now in the past and I have forgotten about that show and my 10th placing.  Tampa is where I am going to redeem myself  and get on top as a winner again . Current weight is holding between 251-253 and very lean .So I guess its safe to say I had a pretty good rebound.  Training is going really good , I don’t think I’ve been this focused before and this intense in the gym as I been lately but Its What I have to do to be able to make the gains to come home with a victory in Tampa.Well I’m Off to Train back now and lite biceps now so check ya guys later . Comeback next week for more updates for my journey to the Tampa pro.

What I got out of it was, I have lost a little and gained a lot.  It is time to move on and make it happen.  I think it is wonderful that this young man is growing a business and muscle at the same time.  Do you honestly think he will ever go away?  I think not and I hope not.

Contest History

2009 NPC  National Bodybuilding Championships 1st Heavyweight
(Earned PRO Card)
  NPC USA Championships 11th Heavyweight
2008 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships   11th Heavyweight
  NPC USA Championships 9th  Heavyweight
  NPC Junior Nationals 2nd Heavyweight
2007 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships 16th Super Heavyweight
2006 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships 16th Heavyweight
  NPC Eastern USA Championships 6th Heavyweight

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