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I think Mark Antonek and Amy Foggett are the Grandioso Bodybuilding couple.  They support each other a great deal and they both love the sport.  Its very rare that you see a couple that are both superstars and they openly share there affection for the whole world to see.  I think it is the greatest thing in the world.  It’s like batman and batgirl fighting crime in gotham in the day and a loving couple at night.

What I find extroadinary is the strong support system that they give each other.  They are a force than can’t be beaten like Tim Love and his wife Kathleen Love.  Mark Antonek is a well conditioned strong athlete and I have to say that winning that procard puts him at the top of the grand mountain.  All you bodybuilders better watch out for him he isnt going anywhere and he is not going to stop.

Amy Foggett  looks like she is climbing to the top in the womens division.  The most fascinating thing I find about Amy is that she competes and she goes to school.  My question is… How does she do it?  The whole point I am trying to make is…. She does it all and thats what I admire.  I wish I could squeeze in time between my writing, working at my law firm, do my race car driving  and squeeze time to go to the gym and put my body at 100%.  For me I am full of excuses… But for Amy she can do it all and then some.

Mark Antonek  is a fantastic father and a all around loving and caring family man.  From what I here from my sources he is the best personal trainer around.  He cares about people and loves helping people achieve there goals.  He has a team that he developed called  TEAM ANTONEK that is serious about winning on stage.  Check out his website it is real cool and you can see he is not playing around.  Serious people need apply! www.markantonek.com

The main thing that I admire the most about Mark Antonek is his drive to win and help others do e same. Mark believes what makes him strong in life; persistence, perseverance, character, and dedication; all make him a winner at bodybuilding.



IFBB Pro Card Winner
(MD Photos)

1st Place Mens 40+ Overall
1st Place Mens 40+ Heavyweight

GNC IFBB North American Championships

1st Place Men’s Open
1st Place Men’s Heavyweight

Deke Warner’s NPC Florida State 2009

1st Place Men’s Open
1st Place Men’s Heavyweight
Shawn Ray Overall Achievement Award

GENr8 Nutrition Winner of the VIP Free Trip to the Pro Ironman Championships
in Los Angeles this January compliments of CEO,Anthony Almada.
Tim Gardner’s NPC 2009


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