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This is Erin Strickland! She is the frontline defense for Iron Asylum.  I contacted her on FACEBOOK in regards to an order that has not appeared in IRON ASYLUM yet.  Not even five minutes and she contacted me and made me feel like I was a valued client.  She answered my question and put me on a special contact list.  By that action alone… she made me want to buy more items at that moment… and guess what!  I will.

She really goes all out for the company and I feel she is a humongous asset to the company.  Just by her drive and her great personality alone.  If you go into IRON ASYLUM Jerry Becks page… You will see how dedicated she is to make this happen.  HOOOOOORAY! for having ERIN in IRON ASYLUM.  Thanks for your kindness and quick reply.  Hold on to Erin Jerry… she’s a keeper!

Claudia Reid


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  1. Claudia!
    You warm my heart girl. We are a company dedicated to our customers. Iron Asylum is not just a clothing line….its a celebration of life on the other side of achievment. if you have ever worked hard at ANYTHING in life…..our stuff is for you. Thanks for your support.

    xo Eryn
    IA Mistress

    September 4, 2010 at 3:57 pm

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