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Dear BB and NB’s,

NB’s mean NON BUFF people like myself  :).  I think this is a Bodybuilder worth watching now and in the future.  Check out his website  http://sites.google.com/site/tlovesbody/.  The website is so cool fresh and new.  He is only going to get bigger by size and  notoriety.  Tim has the quality and the condition of being NOTORIOUS!


Favorite Bodybuilder of the week is Tim Love.  The whole point of being the favorite BODYBUILDER of the week is to be written and talked about with glowing admiration for a whole week.  According to the Observer Tim has been working billion times hard to reach his goals.  Personally for me … he already has.  Tim is heading to the nationals and we all routing for our Bodybuilder.  I think that he makes a remarkable candidate for a wonderful story that shows that a family who works together, stays together.  

This is my favorite Qoute that Tim expressed to the newspaper THE OBSERVER:

Training has become an addiction and it’s also a family affair, he said.”My wife’s very involved in the sport. Helps me train, helps me cook with all the food I prepare. My kids have become my best fans.”

He also has a remarkable job working with troubled youth in the system and still manages to keep training from the support of his employer.  I like to give a special shout out to his trainer  LOU JOSEPH! He credits LOU with trust and a lot of love and support.  If anyone can get TIM LOVE to the nationals besides his loving family….. IT’s LOU.

Great Job TIM!  Your famous and you dont even know it! 

Claudia Reid


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