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THE AWESOME POWER BEHIND TIM LOVE….. HIS WIFE! Dont even try to beat them.. You’ll lose

Dear BB and Non BB,

Remember the old saying goes ” Behind every good woman there is a man”  that is not true all the time.. BUT!  for TIM LOVE ! ABSOLUTELY!  His wife is the heart beat in this Bodybuilders life.  Kathleen does every thing and more… According to an article …. Time stated that she does everything for him even cooks his meals.  How many of you can say that your wife or husband gives you there full 100% support and even pushes you to do better than you already have.

In my eyes…. Bodybuilding is a tough sport and it takes a lot of emotional strength to get through every day.  You need that kick in the ass from your trainer and even more so your wife ( life long best friend).  I wish there family the best and to say one thing… KATHLEEN keep up the good work and kick his ass if he needs it.  I see a true champion and I know that you can get him there.  Congradulations on being a strong woman to hold her family together and keep Tim’s mind right.


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