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Dear BB’s and NON BB’s like me, 🙂

I dont know how this has taken me so long to write about JERRY BECK.  JERRY BECK’S talent  its so RAW.. you need a condom to protect yourself from the excitement of his drawings.  The T-shirts are off the hook and it is only getting better.  All his work tells a story of  determination, strength and no punks allowed.


His qoutes of the day are so Notorious it’s sick!  If you listen to his interviews and understand how he came this far ….It’s remarkable.  You can only reach that far if  you believe in yourself and put everything on the line.  I am a huge lover of  art from Andy Warhol, Vincent Van and ofcourse the notorious STAN LEE  *** marvel comics).  Jerry Becks work grabbed me like I have been kidnapped in the world of ASYLUM.  He has a lot of followers of his work and he recieves appreciations from all over.  Please believe that my gut tells me that you will see IRON ASYLUM in fashion week. 

Jerry’s Qoute of the day: 

“I’m not content with merely creating images for the gym rat. When people see the name IRON ASYLUM they will think something far greater than “that’s that clothing line for bodybuilders”. We all train hard for whatever the sport is that we chose to play. But I think we’d all agree that the hardest game of all is the game of life. At Iron Asylum its simple…We train hard for life”. J.Beck,Creator of Iron Asylum.

Personal note:  Jerry put your ” Jerry ism’s in a book!  The world according to KING IRON ASYLUM.

Claudia Reid


One response

  1. Claudia,

    Your support and kind words are greatly appreciated. I’m just trying to share thoughts with people through my art that I’m certain we can all feel and relate to.

    September 8, 2010 at 2:22 pm

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